domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

"It can only be the thought of verdure to come, which prompts us in the autumn to buy these dormant white lumps of vegetable matter covered by a brown papery skin, and lovingly to plant them and care for them. It is a marvel to me that under this cover they are labouring unseen at such a rate within to give us the sudden awesome beauty of spring flowering bulbs. While winter reigns the earth reposes but these colourless green ideas sleep furiously".
C.M. Street

[Crossblogging a full, hice un post para Nosotros nos entendemos solos y lo tuve que poner acá también, porque este pedazo del asunto es genial. La explicancia está acá y la encontré vía Boing Boing, vía Best of Wikipedia.]

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